Damned lies pt 2 – the illegality of it all

I wasn’t actually looking for this but was reading an SI that was applicable to my job description and saw this.  Pretty much, a whole bunch of safari operators/lodges are not only lying about their location or being misleading but are also breaking the law. I wonder if anybody actually cares about this…Ministry of Tourism doesn’t as I know they said Mukambi Lodge was inside Kafue National Park while it is in fact in Mumbwa West GMA (a hunting area), faces the Kafue NP and conducts its activities within the park.



Lion Aid: bull’s eye or bullshit?

I troll this Facebook page, admittedly, on an ocassional basis.  Well, really only since they blocked me from interacting in the page (liking or commenting on posts or reviewing on the organisation).


This post takes the cream: “gaining 100 or even 1000 time a more money than trophy hunting operators from the same wildlife resources”…speaking about photographic safari operators.

This is where I call bullshit.  Read it and see for yourself.


Food for thought

Perhaps some explanation of why it’s not working in Africa, which I wholly agree with.  Holding these opinions however gets one called ‘naive’, ‘young’, ‘inexperienced’ and ‘irrational’.


The Western notion of wilderness does not hold in Africa, because man and animals have evolved together on the continent’s diverse ecosystems.


The entire modern conservation edifice rest on the ideals and vision of people other than Africans.


From The Myth of Wild Africa.  J. S. Adams & T. O. McShane. 1996.  University of California Press.