I read a bit so thought it would be a nice idea to share some of my favourite texts from which I have, hopefully correctly, absorbed proposed ideas, historical context, philosophy, science, community related diplomacy, etc.

If you have any texts to add please share the citation(s) in the comments below.

The Myth of Wild Africa: conservation without illusion.  Jonathon S. Adams & Thomas O. McShane.  1992.  University of California Press.

Against Extinction: the story of conservation.  William M. Adams.  2013. Earthscan.

Ivory, Apes & Peacocks: animals, adventure and discovery in the wild places of Africa.  Alan Root.  2012.  Vintage Books, London.

Thank you, Madagascar.  Alison Jolly.  2015.  Zed Books, London.

An African Love Story: love, life and elephants. Daphne Sheldrick.  2012.  Penguin Books.